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Founded in 2008, HIC is a real estate investment firm with the goal of capitalizing on unprecedented real estate opportunities in the United States via partnerships with local bankruptcy trustees, brokers, banks and national homebuilders.

HIC solicits investors in Europe and Latin America, who wishes to participate as a partner with and land banker for, local builders and real estate developers, while hedging their investment portfolio by investing in a relatively weak US currency (dollars).

Thru the management by HIC, investors enjoy the benefits usually exclusively reserved for builders and real estate developers, while at the same time having the protection as a regulated bank that provides loans against real property. It is truly the best of both worlds.


Our unique Investment Structure

It is HICís core belief that mutual beneficial relationships are the foundation of any successful business venture. We at HIC believe that in every proposed transaction, each party who is focused on the overall success of the transaction must be rewarded for its involvement.

Furthermore, we at HIC believe that the combination of a) the liquidity of European and Latin American individuals and institutional investors, b) the weak US dollar, and c) the lack of primary financing to builders and real estate developers in the United States, is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Therefore, Hoyer Investment Corporation is focusing on bridging the gap between such investors and builders/developers through viable and sustainable projects. During these projects, HIC is ensuring the investors will remain protected and underexposed at all times.

HIC also provides its investment members with access to distressed and lender-owned properties throughout the United States, as well as with realistic and market driven long or short-term exit strategies for the proposed acquisition. We remain committed to execute the exit strategy, and acts as the Investment Memberís US Real Estate Partner throughout the project.
Lastly, all fees due to HIC is solely based on the profitability of the project and is only paid after that the investor had been paid in full.

Investment Focus

The core investment of HIC is the joint venture with and land bankers for, local builders and/or developers that possess the stringent criteria set forth by HIC. We focus on areas of high growth, little inventory, and steady absorption.

HIC also focuses on un-leveraged projects that can be built in stages parallel to the market demand, thus always ensuring stable projects and never leaving our investment members over-exposed Lastly, HIC focuses on the opportunistic acquisition opportunities of severely discounted, well-located income producing properties, which will yield an above market ROI while being bought below replacement cost.


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