Membership Relationship Philosophy

The core value of Hoyer Investment Corporation is to grow through the financial success of our members. We believe that well located, non-leveraged and well-managed projects and properties that are purchased at todayís discounted prices are major pillars for financial success.


Depending on the memberís investment appetite, we offer two different investment and ownership vehicles to our members.


In both vehicles, the property always remains under the investorís name and is always securitized by a first lien mortgage on the real property, payable to the investing member(s). In short, the member(s) own the property and have a first position mortgage recorded against the property for additional security. All properties are subject to a management agreement with HIC.


Ownership Vehicles

If there is one investment member, that member may choose in which legal way to take title. HIC suggests that each member contacts its accountant for independent advice, but HIC can otherwise happily assist.
If there are multiple members in one specific project, the legal owner of the project shall be a single purpose LLC, of which the members own a prorated share according to the investment size.


Many projects will be presented to potential and exciting members in an incremental format, of where members may purchase blocks of ownership interests in the single entity corporation.


Loan pay-off, preferred returns and profits will be distributed evenly according to each memberís prorated share of investment block.

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