Services and Investment Philosophy

Hoyer Investment Corporation is focused on identifying attractive investment opportunities that meet the investment members’ risk/return parameters. HIC acts as the investor’s representative in all aspects of the project, making the investment trouble-free. Through our close relationships with the largest public home-builders in the united states, and our access to lender owned and distressed land, we are able to buy land at favorable prices, and immediately re-sell the same land to a home builder.

HIC also assists its investment members in investing in lender owned and other opportunistic income producing real estate properties. Through our nationwide relationships with banks, we are exposed first hand to many opportunistic deals, weather buying properties directly from the lender or buying the first position lien from the lender and thereafter completing a friendly foreclosure with the titleholder. HIC provides every service its investment members need. 

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Builder/Developer Partnerships - Due Diligence and Services

Opportunistic Acquisitions - Due Diligence and Services

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